Monday, December 21, 2009

On the Queen Street Mall

Italian Fashion Week is an event organized to promote Italian design and Made In Italy. Appreciated and valued the world over, Italian fashion and style is has inspired countless designers and stylists.

During Italian Week, Italian born designer Elio Marzullo owner and creative director of the label Elio Moda will showcase Italian designs and Italian Inspired works from designers such as Subfusco and emerging stylists from Metropolitan South Institute of TAFE who have created a range of Italian Inspired designs.

The man behind Subfusco is Joshua Roberto Scacheri. After relocating to Italy to pursue a professional football career at the age of 16, he took an unexpected liking to the realm of fashion. He became heavily influenced by the style and culture exhibited in his new surroundings and upon return to Australia, decided to swap the boots for a sketch pad.

Designers from Metropolitan South Institute of TAFE showcasing their Italian-inspired creations at Italian Fashion Week.

The students were handpicked to exhibit their garments in the fashion extravaganza which will be held in Queen Street Mall

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